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What's ahead, Fred?

While news reports, scientists and political speeches frequently warn us that the oil supply is going to run out, the general public has no real perception of the problem: It's rather difficult to get worried about some disaster that is going to happen at an ill-defined time in the future. Between the number of "end of the world" scares that have come and gone, and having too many other distractions that are immediate concerns, it's hard for the average person to understand there is a cliff we're speeding toward. As a result, there is a massive amount of work that must be done just to raise public awareness of the problem, let alone the huge effort that's going to be required to build the solar power plants we need to survive into the future.

Obviously the task being undertaken with this site is an uphill battle, it begs the question "How do you propose to get enough interest to make it happen?" A plan of action is needed, one people can look at, understand, and have faith it can be achieved: Without a believable plan, there's no hope of getting anywhere because prospective investors need reasonable assurances they are investing in a project with a future, rather than just throwing money away.

The list presented here outlines some of the efforts being undertaken toward the ultimate goal of building a network of solar power satellites in orbit. Note that most of these projects can be done in parallel - the steps within some of the sublists need to be accomplished more or less in order, but the major items are not dependent on the others being finished.

These are just a few of the projects that are currently under way. There are many more waiting "in the wings" for time and resources to become available so they can go forward as well. The range of work involved is a lot more than can be done by one person, or even by a small group. In fact, this project is going to require millions of people working on it for it to succeed: Building solar power plants in orbit will create a huge number of jobs.

None of that will be possible, though, if we don't start putting time, money and effort into it now!


Please tell everyone you know about this site, invest, participate - Let's make it happen! The future of humanity depends on it!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Send an email with your thoughts.

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