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Our Mission:

There is an energy crisis looming in the near future most people are only dimly aware of. Solar power delivered from satellites in Earth orbit is the only reasonable long-term solution for the problem. Space Power Now is a political, educational and economic action organization established to build public awareness of the critical nature of the crisis, to raise funding for the satellites and the systems that make them possible, and to promote the political climate necessary for their construction and use. Through these efforts we aim to protect the future of our civilization, and of humanity itself.

The charter of this site is to be a vehicle for raising public awareness of

  • the energy crisis we are speeding toward,
  • the critical nature of the problem,
  • the imperative need to fix it now,
  • how and why solar power satellites in Earth orbit are the only reasonable long-term solution.

In addition to its educational goals, this site aims to

  • drive funding into building the solar power satellite solution,
  • ensure a political landscape exists wherein construction, operation and maintenance of the solar power satellite system can be achieved.

In order to bring these plans to fruition, this site will be used to provide information interested parties can apply to supporting the effort. Resources for building community outreach programs and publicity materials will be made available, and a list of active groups will be maintained.

Furthermore, to raise funds for this site's operation and activities, and to support the effort of building the solar power satellites, Space Power Now will sell bonds in the name of The L5 Development Group, the business entity charged with the design, development and construction of the space-based facilities. Note that The L5 Development Group does not yet have bonds for sale, so we are soliciting unsecured contributions that will be converted to bonds when they are available, as described on the Development Plan page.

Where this site is still in its infancy, the facilities it offers are limited. As time and resources become available, more informative features will be added, and community facilities will be developed. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to join. For the time being, you can send an email to participate@SpacePowerNow.org to offer your help.


Please tell everyone you know about this site, invest, participate - Let's make it happen! The future of humanity depends on it!

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Send an email with your thoughts.

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